Boar Gin


To promote Baden-Württemberg as a trendy and culinary destination by organizing a gin-tonic workshop in collaboration with BOAR Gin, a gin distilled in the Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg.

To reach this objective, Zapper PR organized a culinary event for journalists, bloggers and other media in Amsterdam.

The focus of the event was to create exposure for Baden-Württemberg, the city of Heidelberg and the gin brand from the Black Forest, BOAR Gin. We did this by bringing together press, travel and food bloggers with our contacts from BOAR Gin, Baden-Württemberg and Heidelberg. To recreate the feeling of the region we focussed on letting all the invited people experience the gin-tonic by a masterclass from the distillers themselves and by serving other food and drinks that originated from Baden-Württemberg and Heidelberg. The evening was simply to get a – literal – taste of BOAR Gin and Baden-Württemberg!