Mosseldorp Bruinisse


To create more awareness and exposure for Bruinisse (small town in the Netherlands, in the province Zeeland), a few restaurants combined forces and do projects under the name ‘Mosselgilde’. They launched the initiative ‘Mosseldorp‘ (town of mussels) to position Bruinisse as the source of the Dutch mussels. Our objective in this project is to create more awareness for the ‘Mosseldorp’ by liaising with the press.

To reach this objective, Zapper PR helps Mosseldorp with:

The focus of the activities is on telling the story of Bruinisse, both from historical and recreational point of view. We liaise with the press to teach them more about this hidden gem in the province of Zeeland and invite them to experience the destination – and its mussels – themselves. By sending out press releases, newsworthy information about Bruinisse as town of mussels is spread across our valuable database of Dutch and Belgium press contacts. The press portal is integrated in the website of ‘Mosseldorp’ and provides the ‘Mosselgilde’ with the opportunity to have a portal with information that is relevant for press, along with an overview of all press releases, image material, press publications, etc. This makes it easy and accessible for press to find more information about Bruinisse and create stories about it.