Zapper PR can be the official PR representative for your destination in the Netherlands and Germany. The policy we carry out will be composed and performed in close contact with you. Destination representation is based on a specific number of hours on a monthly basis.

1. General PR consultancy

• Build of PR database, consisting of an image library, press releases (in Dutch and German), press fact sheet, et cetera.

• Representation of your destination at press events (the Netherlands and Germany). Informing journalists and bloggers about the highlights and insights via one on one conversations or presentations. Big press events focused on travel, e.g. in the Netherlands:

  • ANTOR (Press and bloggers event in which tourist boards can participate)
  • TravelPRESSentation (Press and bloggers event in which tourism organizations can participate)

• Proofreading of everything that will be published about your destination. We check the facts and make sure that your destination is put in a positive daylight in every publication that will be done.

2. Advocacy

Zapper PR will – on behalf of your destination – build relationships with key decision makers in the Netherlands and Germany to advance their efforts.

3. Advise, coordination and strategy

Zapper PR advises and coordinates the activities that take place on the European market. We create a strategic plan to reach long-haul travellers interested in your destination.

4. Press releases

Per season Zapper PR will send a press release about your destination to an extensive network of (freelance) journalists, media titles and bloggers in both the Netherlands and Germany. The press releases contain news worthy information, such as events, new openings,flights, etc.

5. Press folder

Zapper PR composes a Dutch and German press file to hand out to the press if they request this information and/or on press events.

• Brochure
• Factsheet
• USB with images
• Press releases
• Business card

6. Press and familiarisation trips

Zapper PR organises in individual trips for press and/or trade fam trips for Dutch and German press/tour operators to your destination.

• Selection of relevant attendants
• Invitation management
• Itinerary management
• Monitoring of follow-up activities, such as publications, inclusion of product in offer, etc.

7. Tour operators 

Zapper PR maintains contact with Dutch and German tour operators and searches for new ones to cooperate with. In collaboration with the tour operators we compose packages that include a direct KLM flight over Edmonton, a (multiple days) stay in Edmonton and a (multiple days) stay in Jasper National Park.

8. Service centre

Zapper PR creates a Dutch and German phone number and email address that both consumers and business partners can use if they have questions.

9. Reporting

Reporting of all the activities that are done, including screenshots, statistics and analyses