December 18, 2017

Online PR

A young business boy dressed in business suit wearing cardboard wings and aviator goggles is ready to fly his business into the sky. He is running on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA.

More than ever people seek their information online. Zapper PR tries to combine the traditional PR with online innovative ways to reach the right target audience. From experience we know how important it is to be visible on all social platforms, blogs and other websites. Under here you can find examples of online PR possibilities.

Blogger advertorials:

Promote your destination on multiple platforms that perfectly suit the target audience you want to reach. Sponsored articles are a great way to spread your preferred message on the Dutch and German market. In consultation with your destination we come up with an angle that fits your destination as well as the platform it will be published on.

Come up with multiple themes or regions you want to bring up. Zapper PR makes the multiple blogs link to each other to give visitors all the information they can get about the destination.

Google Adwords campaign:

Via a Google Adwords campaign we can reach a big group of people that are interested in all related topics of your destination. With Google Ad’s and Google AdSense (bannering program) your destination will be implemented in Google and generate as much traffic as possible to the website you’ll prefer. Zapper PR takes of the designs, set-up and coordination. During the promotion period Zapper PR will constantly monitor the campaign and adjust the goals if necessary, based on the advertisements that show highest performance.

Social media advertising:

Social media are still very important in all the markets, as Facebook is still popular in all the markets and Instagram has shown biggest growth figures in the markets. This makes them the ideal platforms to promote your destination. Appealing images and interaction with the target groups make from social media a powerful marketing tool for your destination.