December 19, 2019

Sales Platform

Together with airlines, airports and tourism boards we promote routes and drive tourism to destinations all over the world by launching a digital sales platform. This sales platform presents holiday packages from our partner tour operators. When the website is filled with inspiring content we start our PR and Marketing machine and generate traffic to the sales platform. Every activity we initiate is linked to the sales platform so awareness can convert into sales, and sales means an increase of incoming tourists and tourism spend. One of the uniquenesses of the sales platform is that potential travellers are not distracted to other destinations. By owning the platform we are able to measure the results and optimize along the way. This is one of the biggest advantages of this solution!

Last year, we created/managed a sales platform for, among others, Graz and Steiermark (, Edmonton and Jasper in Canada (, Barbados (, and Croatia ( We were able to send valuable traffic to the websites, leading to actual bookings with our tour operator partners.

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