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Promoting cities on the Dutch and German markets can be done in many different ways. Besides our extensive online campaigns, we can also promote your destination with creative offline campaigns, like a retail cooperation.

Reaching the group of potential travellers that fits perfectly to your destination, it’s the dream of every tourism board. It becomes reality with our retail cooperations. We select a retail chain that fits best to your targets and organise a price contest with online activation. Besides offline branding in the retail venue, you will get online interaction via a specially made website. It’s the perfect way to engage with the target group.

How it works

We start with finding a retail chain that fits with the angle of the campaign and is most likely to be interested in your destination. We offer the retailers the possibility to let their customers win a complete trip to your destination. The retail chain will create awareness for the price raffle and thus for your destination. By doing this, we benefit from the retailer’s network and its clientele.

When the retail chain has been selected Zapper PR will create a special website where all participants will be lead to. Besides filling in their voucher code, the special landingspage will have multiple pages with information about your website. An example of a landingspage can be found here.

What does the price raffle look like?4. DISPLAY ON THE COUNTER AND VIDEO IN THE BACK

  • The customer visits the store and they will see promotion for the price raffle, with appealing pictures of your destination with a clear text what they need to do to win.
  • At the counter, they will get a voucher, which shows a unique voucher code and action plan how to participate. At home (or on the go), they visit the webpage, fill out their voucher code and receive a confirmation of participation in their email. This email will include offers and information about your destination and information about the destination.
  • After the price raffle has ended, all participants get an email with the name of the winner and offers from your destination.
The aim of a retail campaign: to achieve greater direct exposure for the destination by exploiting the display possibilities available in chain stores which appeal to the target group in both the Netherlands and Germany. Total budget is depending on the size of the chain. The budget is including organization, designs, online landing pages, e-mail distribution, print of promotion material and reporting.

Exposure in the store and online:

Billboards in the shops
a4 displays
a1 posters

Social media
Blog posts
E-mail interaction (2x)

After the price contest:

When the price contest is over a winner is selected. All participants get an email with the name of the winner in their mailbox, including a picture of the winner together with a price voucher.






Price winner Norway Home of Skiing at DAKA Sport, a big Dutch outdoor retail company with 14 different stores throughout the Netherlands. During the contest people would receive an information flyer with each purchase made. Together with their receipt from their purchase (which is the unique code) people could visit the created landing page: wineenwintersportnoorwegen.nl and participate. 



foto portland winnaar






Price winner Portland during Festival DORST, where visitors of this Dutch food & drinks festival received a coaster with an unique code which they could use to participate in this contest and win an 8-day trip to Portland, Oregon.











Price winner Edmonton at Intersport Twinsport, a big Dutch retail chain with 12 different stores throughout the Netherlands. During the price contest people got a voucher with an unique code. With this code they could visit a landingspage that was created for this contest to fill in their voucher code. On this website people could find interesting information about the destination, how to get there with KLM and find special tour operator packages for the destination.