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In this series we would like to introduce you to the members of our team. This time you will meet Bianca who, amongst other things, coordinates everything we do and manages the different projects.

“Hello! I am Bianca and have been working at CityZapper and Zapper PR since 2010. Despite the fact that our office is located in Amsterdam, I exchanged this city in 2013 for beautiful The Hague, where I was also born and raised.”

Why did you start working here?

“I started as a trainee at the age of 20. At the time I studied journalism and wanted to combine my passion for writing with my other great passion: travel. I focused on this during my search through all kinds of internship vacancies. I came across the CityZapper vacancy, applied for the position, got a call back from Christian, and went on an interview. Not much later I started my internship and every day I am happy to be able to combine my two passions.”

What do you enjoy most about your job?

“Our office dog Bummer. Haha, no, just kidding – even though he’s really cute. The diversity. None of the working days are the same. One day you’re in Edmonton and the next you’re working on Belfast or Bristol. Zapper PR and CityZapper have become much larger over the past years and I think it is very cool to be part of this and to contribute to the growth of the company. I also enjoy that I can work on the positive topic of traveling in my job. Although it’s a bit less positive at the moment because of the crisis, but in general it’s a very positive industry to work in. Every day it feels like a privilege.”

What do you prefer to do in your spare time?

“If you asked my partner this question, he would probably say “WORK!”. That may be true a little bit, but it is partly because my passions are so close to my work and I just gain a lot of energy from it. But you can always wake me up for cozy evenings with friends, where good food, good wines and gin and tonics are the main ingredients. Furthermore, I am a true supporter of a life long learning, which is why I started 1,5 years ago a course at the University of Amsterdam to obtain a master’s degree in management studies.”

Beeld: Bianca van der Ham - CityZapper

What is the most beautiful trip you have ever taken?

“I find it difficult to choose the most beautiful one, but the most special one has undoubtedly been to New Zealand. I decided to “emigrate” here at the age of 18 to study. That was a slightly bigger step than I had realized beforehand. I ended up living on campus in Auckland for 6 months, improved my English, learned a lot (about myself), made beautiful trips through New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and the Cook Islands, then returned home again. As much as I love traveling, I am convinced that the Netherlands is the best place for me to live. Besides, I might never have ended up at CityZapper if I had stuck to my plan, so… all is well, right?”

Do you have a new trip planned already?

“Of course! Although it’s a bit more difficult due to the current situation. However, the planning is always there and preferably to a new destination. I have planned to go to Bilbao and the rest of Northern Spain in August, but we have to wait and see if this is going to happen. Otherwise it will probably be a ‘staycation’, which will not be that bad at all, as I was in Zeeland last week and really had an amazing time and truly holiday feeling. The Netherlands are much more beautiful than I often realize. There is a lot to see and do here.”

Which three cities are on the top of your bucket list?

“I really want to go to Cape Town, Vancouver and San Francisco. So hopefully that will soon be possible!”

Next are a number of Holiday Dilemmas for you! Ready?

City trips are better in the summer or in the winter?

“I really dislike heat in the city, so if I now have to choose between walking through Valencia with 40 degrees or with -10 through Stockholm, I opt for the last one. But still, the sun has to be out, otherwise it wouldn’t be as fun. Actually, I want to choose the golden middle: spring, but that is not allowed, is it?”

Within or outside of Europe?

“Long-haul trips are great, but I feel most at home in Europe. Moreover, Europe has so much diversity in culture to offer. I find it fascinating that there is so much variation on one relatively small continent.”

Beeld: Bianca van der Ham - CityZapper

With your loved one or friends on a city trip?

“Loved one. My partner and I complement each other well when traveling. In general, I find traveling in groups difficult. There are often different wishes that you have to take into account. When you’re just with the two of you, you can easily decide and do whatever you want. ”

Traveling by car or by plane?

“I love driving my car and I am a big fan of road trips. So I definitely prefer traveling by car.”

Luxury or budget accommodation?

“Luxury! I can become really upset with small rooms where there is bad hygiene. Or if there is a bed with a sheet with a blanket on top – instead of a good duvet! When I travel I want comfort, and ideally I want something that looks nice. I doesn’t have to cost the top prize, but if I have to pay a little more for accommodation that is just significantly better, then I would choose that.”

Traveling with a weekend bag or a suitcase?

“My trolley is my best friend on a city trip.”

Planning your entire trip in advance or figuring everything out on the spot?

“I always belonged to ‘team control freak’ (which I think is the drawing up of a schedule), but lately I notice that I see and experience cities in a completely different way if I don’t plan everything in advance. If I am on a trip for CityZapper or Zapper PR and want to do a lot, I plan it out somewhat, but I try to let go more and more. That also comes with experience, I think.”

Active on social media during a city trip or turn off your phone?

“For CityZapper, I want to be active on social media during a city trip. I like to share tips and experiences, but privately I don’t really feel the need to.”

Do you want to either never go back to your favorite city or never discover a new city again?

“My travel hunger must always be satisfied and one city (even if it is still so much fun) cannot do that. So I would never go back to my favorite city, which, honestly, I don’t even have.”

Next time you will be introduced to another one of our team members, who do you think it will be?

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