Our Dream Destinations Campaign

We are very happy with the fact that tourism is slowly starting up again, so behind the scenes we have been working on a new campaign: Dream Destinations. You can read all about it in this blog.

Our editors have been working hard on the Dream Destinations campaign. A new CityZapper campaign to highlight dreamy European destinations. The cities that take part in this campaign are the international center point of Europe; Brussel, the historic Hanseatic city of Bremen, the culinary Graz, the surprising Antwerp and the city of peace; Osnabrück.

The campaign has been launched on the 1st of July, with impressive results! So far we have published a brand new guide with extra tips and content for alle the Dream Destinations, a press release that we sent out to all our media contacts and multiple blog posts highlighting the the qualities of each city. Take a look at our recent publications:

 Content guide on CityZapper
 Press Release to all our media contacts
 Blog post on CityZapper

And there is more to come, like a social media campaign and more inspiration posts on our blog. 

In the upcoming months, Dutch city trip enthusiasts will be fully inspired to travel to our list of Dream Destinations. And as you can see, all content includes direct links to external websites, which means that website traffic from our partner destinations will increase in a short time. 

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