Dresden Marketing GmbH

In collaboration with Dresden Marketing GmbH, we launched a targeted campaign in order to promote this German city as a travel destination in the Netherlands.


Our partner Dresden Marketing GmbH asked us to promote Dresden as a travel destination in the Netherlands to drive tourism to Dresden and the Elbland region. The focus of the campaign laid on communicating the following topics: Gastronomy and Wine, Museums, Winter/Christmas, Events in 2023, and the Adventurous side of Dresden. All this to highlight the best that Dresden has to offer and to attract a broad audience.


Zapper PR arranged destination awareness and product development for Dresden Elbland to increase sales, awareness and knowledge about this destination.

  • CityZapper campaign consisting of:
    • An update of the city guide
    • Dedicated newsletters
    • Banners 
    • Blog articles


The CityZapper campaign highlighted all focus areas described in the ‘Objective’. Each focus area was used as topic for a blog. Also the city guide was updated. In the city guide, the readers can find information about the city, divided into multiple sections, for example: Highlights, Shopping, Museums, Restaurants etc. Then, there were also two dedicated newsletters about Dresden that were sent to the database of CityZapper readers. The first newsletter was about the colorful autumn in Dresden and the second newsletter was about the best ways to discover all the city has to offer.

Credit header image: Dresden Marketing GmbH – Tomas Sereda


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