Blogger Ads: Ottawa Tourism & Air France

Recently, we embarked on a remarkable and impactful advertorial initiative in collaboration with several travel bloggers. The campaign was run in conjunction with Ottawa Tourism and Air France.

The primary objective of this collaboration was to tap into the bloggers’ influence and wide reach, kindling interest and raising awareness among Dutch travelers about visiting Ottawa during the off-peak season.

By utilizing the bloggers’ well-grounded online platforms and vibrant social media activity, we significantly expanded the campaign’s reach, touching a diverse audience of potential travelers. Their authentic narrative style and expert storytelling abilities were crucial to this campaign, capturing the audience’s attention and generating genuine enthusiasm for exploring Ottawa.

We invited eight distinguished bloggers to create compelling articles about Ottawa, sharing these pieces on their respective social media channels. The innovative inspiration block feature we implemented at the end of each article guided our readers on a journey through the articles of different bloggers. This enabled readers to dive deeper into their explorations of Ottawa with an array of further reading suggestions. This interconnected storytelling structure not only enriched our audience’s understanding of Ottawa but also provided a unique and engaging user experience.

Have a look at the articles below:

Group 1
Reisgoesting | Culinary / Restaurants
The Outdoors | Cycling in Ottawa
Reisgenie | Museums / Culture
Explorista | Ottawa Region

Group 2
Your Little Black Book | Culinary / Restaurants
CheckOutSam | Cycling in Ottawa
Reisdoc | Museums / Culture
We Are Travellers | Ottawa Region

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 Credit header: iStock – bloodua