MGM Resorts in Las Vegas

In collaboration with MGM Resorts International Zapper PR created sales, pr, marketing and trade activities in the Netherlands to promote the direct flight from Amsterdam to Las Vegas operated by KLM. The campaign was focused on the increasing incoming tourism to the destination and generating sales to MGM Resorts in Las Vegas.


Increase incoming tourism from the Netherlands to Las Vegas, create awareness for the direct KLM flight Amsterdam – Las Vegas.


Zapper PR arranged destination and product development for KLM’s direct flight to Las Vegas to increase sales, awareness and knowledge about this new connection between Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and Las Vegas.


Zapper PR launched the website City Break Vegas in the Netherlands. The website presents holiday packages from trusted tour operators. After the live date we started our Marketing & PR machine to generate website traffic. Together with our partner tour operators we started selling the amazing destination Las Vegas. The advantage of a Sales Platform is that there is no distraction to other destinations. Zapper PR takes care of lead generation, contracts and follows the booking requests. Las Vegas has seen an increase of incoming tourism from the Netherlands, we are very happy with this achievement.