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Aarhus Airport

In order to promote Aarhus as travel destination in combination with the newly launched KLM-flight from Amsterdam to this second largest city of Denmark, Zapper PR executed a marketing campaign. The campaign covered multiple channels to reach different audiences.


Our partner Aarhus Airport asked us to promote Aarhus as a travel destination in the Netherlands to drive tourism between the Netherlands and Aarhus with the new direct KLM flight. The objective of the activities was therefore to generate a big reach in number of people.


Zapper PR arranged destination awareness and product development for KLM’s direct flight from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Aarhus Airport to increase sales, awareness and knowledge about this new route. 

  • CityZapper campaign consisting of
    • city of the month
    • a newly created city guide
    • advertisement blocks
    • banners 
    • blogs
    • publication in the monthly CityZapper newsletter


Highlights of the CityZapper campaign were the creation of a city guide, consisting of 60 unique tips in 6 categories. We published 8 advertisement blocks with deals specifically for Aarhus. We have written a blog about highlights in Aarhus. 

With the Blogger Ads we were able to reach the audience of 5 different Dutch travel bloggers. They each wrote about a topic that lied closed to the interests of their audience. Which resulted in blogs about ‘What to do in Aarhus?’, but also more specifically about the ‘Nicest coffee shops in Aarhus’. Thanks to our unique Blogger Ads technology, all blogs linked to each other to even enhance the reach of the blogs.

The Consumer Activation was executed in collaboration with Relay, a chain from Lagardère Travel Retail. The chain has stores in most big train stations in The Netherlands. During the first month of 2023, which was also ‘Month of the Scandinavian Thriller’ clients were able to join a giveaway for a citytrip to Aarhus. The prize included the following:

  • Flight from Amsterdam to Aarhus
  • 3 nights in a hotel in the citycenter, including breakfast
  • A guided walking tour through Aarhus
  • A Danish Thriller: ‘Stikdonker’ by Faber & Kristiansen

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