German.Local.Culture. Campaign with the German National Tourist Board

In collaboration with the German National Tourist Board (GNTB), Zapper PR is the official partner in the Netherlands for the global German.Local.Culture. campaign. In this project, the GNTB wants to showcase the Flair, Crafts, Taste and Green of Germany via inspiring stories of locals. The focus is mainly on combining cities with more rural / nature areas.


The objective of the campaign is to inspire future travellers for a visit to Germany by telling the stories of different locals. All the locals are categorized in themes, in order to cover different aspects of a holiday to Germany. The themes are: Flair (architecture, culture, events), Crafts (hand made products, traditional crafts), Green (sustainability and green spaces) and Taste (food and drinks).


In order to reach the objective, Zapper PR organized the following activities in collaboration with the German National Tourism Board and 27 city partners.

  • Destination of the Month campaign via CityZapper
  • Video production
  • Podcast production
  • Interviews with locals
  • German.Local.Culture. guide on CityZapper
  • Banners on CityZapper
  • Newsletters via CityZapper
  • Blogs on CityZapper
  • Blogger Ads campaign
  • Social media campaign


To tell the stories of the local, Zapper PR did telephone and video interviews with 30 locals in 27 different cities. These interviews resulted in inspiring video’s, an extensive city guide on CityZapper with the best tips to experience Flair, Crafts, Green and Taste, a podcast serie with experiences behind the scenes and blogs on CityZapper. To generate further promotion for the German.Local.Culture. campaign and all the stories, the following promotional activities were initiated: Destination of the Month campaign on CityZapper in which Germany is the central focus point for one full month, a banner campaign on CityZapper, 4 newsletters to the 87,500 subscribers of the CityZapper newsletter, an extensive Blogger Ads campaign with almost 30 travel and lifestyle bloggers and a campaign on social media.

Credit header image: GNTB / Julia Nimke



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