Aéroport Toulouse Blagnac & Visit Andorra

For our clients Aéroport Toulouse Blagnac and Visit Andorra we carried out trade-, marketing- and PR-activities in The Netherlands to inspire leisure travellers and the travel trade for a ski holiday to Andorra in combination with a city trip to Toulouse.


To generate awareness and sales for a ski holiday to Andorra via Toulouse with the flight of KLM to Toulouse Airport, Zapper PR will do PR, trade and marketing activities in the Netherlands that will reach both the travel trade and consumers and is aimed to generate bookings on the KLM flight to Toulouse and hotel overnight stays in Andorra. The campaign is focused on awareness and sales for this winter season and trade products developed / sales for next winter.


The activities have the goal to inspire leisure travellers and the travel trade for a ski holiday to Andorra and to generate sales. To reach this we used different tools to inform the target group:


We used our extensive network of trade and media and we invited them to the event to inspire them about the destination. Afterwards we invited several influencers to join the group press trip. In this way they had the opportunity to experience the destinations. Via press releases, news letters and blogger advertorials we also inspired the target audience to visit Andorra and Toulouse in the near future.
We also liaised with the trade to develop products to Toulouse & Andorra. Interested trade partners joined a FAM trip in March and based on that trip, itineraries were created.
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