Zeeuwsche Zoute


To brand and position Zeeuwsche Zoute in the Dutch market as the only sea salt that is locally made with water from National Park Oosterschelde (in the south of the Netherlands in the province Zeeland).

To reach this objective, Zapper PR undertook the following activities:

  • Branding of the logo, packaging and website
  • Creation of a dynamic informative website, including a webshop where the product can be purchased
  • Content creation for various purposes
  • Sending of press releases
  • Initiating of collaboration possibilities

Zapper PR helped Zeeuwsche Zoute with the branding of the logo, website, packaging and other materials to position the product in the market. It was important that the product emphasized the local production in Zeeland, in combination with a new and fresh look. This resulted in a logo that looks modern, emphasizes the local aspect with the tagline and represents Neptune, the god that according to a myth from Zeeland lives in the Oosterschelde.

After that, we translated the branding into a state-of-the-art website that included a webshop where the products can be purchased immediately. For the whole website we created content that was informative but also easy to read. For the blog, we still create the content to inspire people about Zeeuwsche Zoute and how the product can be used.

To launch the product, we initiated a collaboration with RIJKS, the restaurant of Michelin star chef Joris Bijdendijk who also owns an initiative that supports local producers. The perfect match! For the launch we organized a small scale event with press and of course send out a press release to our database.

After that, we did several PR activities which resulted in different press publishing about it and even visiting the factory in Zeeland. Zeeuwsche Zoute even made it to the news program NOS Journaal on national television!


In the mean time, Zeeuwsche Zoute also received a ‘Zeker Zeeuws‘ certificate, which is a quality mark that a product is 100% produced in Zeeland. We helped Zeeuwsche Zoute to get this certificate, as the quality mark will help the sales of the product as well!




We launched Zeeuwsche Zoute in December 2019 in the restaurant RIJKS of Michelin Star Chef Joris Bijdendijk, who was the first chef to cook with Zeeuwsche Zoute and gladly adds this brand to his Low Food program that supports local producers. Read the press release (NL) here.


Zeeuwsche Zoute was in an item on national TV (NOS Journaal) on 4 February 2020. The item (NL) can be watched here and is in the news show from 12.52 on.


On 11 May 2020 Zeeuwsche Zoute got the certificate for the quality mark ‘Zeker Zeeuws’. You can find the press release (NL) here.

You can find a complete overview of all press releases and media publications in the Zeeuwsche Zoute newsroom we created.