In collaboration with Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. and KLM, Zapper PR created sales, pr, marketing and trade activities in the Netherlands to promote the direct KLM flight from Amsterdam to Barbados. The campaign was focused on the destination, generating sales to Barbados and supporting local partners. In this project, Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. and KLM wanted to showcase Barbados as diverse leisure destination towards potential visitors from the Netherlands, reached by the new direct (winter) flight of KLM.


The objective of the campaign is to generate sales for the direct flight from Schiphol Airport Amsterdam to Bridgetown Airport in Barbados seasonally operated by KLM. For this we developed awareness for Barbados as a holiday destination in the Netherlands.


In order to generate sales for KLM’s direct flight from Amsterdam to Barbados and to promote Barbados as holiday destination, Zapper PR executed a broad sales and awareness campaign in the Dutch market.


Zapper PR created a sales platform,, to present holiday packages which all include the direct KLM-flight from Amsterdam to Barbados. The packages are the result of our promotional work for Barbados as holiday destination within our vast network in the travel trade industry. At the moment there is a collaboration with 7 tour operators. These tour operators are able to offer a varied set of holiday packages for different interests and budgets. 

Zapper PR took care of lead generation for the tour operators on by the means of a Meta advertising campaign. The campaign gave us, apart from leads and bookings, interesting insights in the wants and needs of Dutch travellers which makes this campaign successful in multiple ways.

To reach even more potential travellers, Zapper PR organized a Blogger Ads Campaign. Through the storytelling of influential bloggers we were able to paint a complete image of Barbados as holiday destination and to create an extra opportunity to promote the direct KLM-flight to Barbados with a dedicated in-text link.

Credit Header: Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc.




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